Analysis and Studies

We Improve Program Outcomes

ASTA engages clients to create information, insight, options, and solutions through high-quality, objective, and data-driven methods

ASTA provides analysis and study services in a broad array of business and organizational areas, including training requirements analysis and growth studies. In addition, we partner with each client to design a technical approach to meet each client’s needs.

Significantly thoughtful and oriented to our client’s needs

With this in mind, our approach to conducting studies and analysis focuses on five critical elements that ensures our work is thoughtful and oriented to our client’s needs.

We work in partnership with each client to identify the questions and issues most relevant to the problems they are facing.

We offer extensive know-how in the design and execution of applied research and evaluation applicable across a broad range of content areas.

Each study team has a carefully devised strategy to achieve all data collection and analysis actions.

ASTA’s interdisciplinary approach provides an attentive, focused, and wide perspective in analyzing, interpreting, and understanding study findings.

Our customer-centric collaborative approach ensures the study recommendations are realistic and linked to the requirements while taking into consideration all constraints, and solution sets.