Growth Studies

Studies and research reports on behalf of other organizations

In addition to training analysis work, our research team has also been commissioned to conduct studies and prepare research reports on behalf of other organizations

This work has primarily been orientated toward growth, overcoming obstacles, or designing new approaches. Samples of this work can be accessed via publicly available reports.

National Science Foundation Funded Study

National Science Foundation funded a study examining the national and local obstacles facing cyber-learning implementation. Our summary evaluation of that effort is accessible from the Informal Science website.

Series of Training 2015 Reports

Prepared in 2010, a series of Training 2015 reports integrated research and stakeholder input. They describe current and emerging opportunities among various Federal agencies, including U.S. Military Services. The National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) comissioned them and are available on the NTSA website.

Primer on Modeling and Simulation

A Primer on Modeling and Simulation, describing the history, uses, and future industry of modeling and simulation. NTSA commissioned the report and published it online.

Paper on ASTA Technology Allocation Model (ATAM) Development

Presented at the 2010 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC), a paper on ASTA Technology Allocation Model (ATAM) development is available via NTSA’s I/ITSEC publication website.

Paper on Alternative FEA

Presented in 2015 at I/ITSEC, our paper on the Alternative FEA developed during an Army Research Institute TRAIN II project. The paper is available online.

Study of Virginia’s modeling and simulation industry

A technical report, strategic plan, and report summaries were prepared following our study of Virginia’s modeling and simulation industry. ASTA conducted this study as a subcontractor to MYMIC, LLC for the Virginia Office of the Secretary of Technology. The reports are available online.

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