Cyber Specialist

Pensacola, FL

Job Summary:

This position is to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Expertise in current and recent versions of Windows, Linux, and VMWare.
  • Expertise in Data Network design and configurations (Cisco, Avaya, and Juniper references).
  • Expertise in Network Security principles & traffic analysis.
  • Expertise in data and packet forensics.
  • Expertise in Scripting and Applications in Linux/Windows and their shell environments.
  • Expertise in Program Languages: Python, Perl, and C.
  • Expertise in Air Force and DODIN operations.
  • Expertise in Air Force and DOD Defensive Cyber Operations.
  • Expertise in Air Force and DOD Offensive Cyber Operations.
  • Expertise in Cyber Mission Planning, Briefing, Execution and Debriefing.
  • Expertise in Air Force cyber weapons systems.
  • Expertise in Air Force cyber organizations, roles and responsibilities.
  • Expertise in Tactical Datalink concepts and architectures.
  • Expertise in Industrial Control System concepts and architectures.
  • Expertise in Telephony and VoIP concepts and architectures.
  • Expertise in Telecommunication and radio frequency principles and management.
  • Knowledgeable in procedures as described in AETCI 36-2641 and any supplements.
  • Military experience is preferred.


  • Work with department chairs, faculty, subject matter experts (SMEs), and other stakeholders to guide and implement the design, development, and production of innovative online and face to face (F2F) courseware for Operational Military Education (OME) curriculum
  • Serve as a member of a multi-disciplinary course production team creating and/or transforming traditional courseware into innovative online formats or equal or greater value than F2F training
  • Work with faculty/SMEs to develop course instructional plans and detailed design blueprints guiding the conversion of traditional F2F courses to appropriate online formats
  • Collaborate with teams of educational technologists to produce and/or source multimedia learning objects (i.e., video, audio, interactive objects, simulations, animations, and other media)
  • Collaborate with SMEs to determine course level assessment models and build appropriate assessment into individual courses

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