Computer Programmer Specialist

Pensacola, FL 32502
Salary: $25.00 to $35.00 /hour

Computer Programmer Specialist

Ø Determine requirements for simulations and host environment

Ø Work closely with the ISD team to layout and design simulations

Ø Develop interactive components for IMI and simulation

Ø UNITY experience desired

Note: This position is contingent upon contract award

Computer Programmer:

Ø Prepare descriptions that list the input required, the steps the computer must follow to process data, and the desired arrangement of the output.

Ø Write and maintain software programs that list the steps the computer must execute to perform functions.

Ø Create software programs, e.g., games, computer-based education, military interactive courseware, desktop publishing, financial planning, spreadsheets, client/server applications, multimedia, electronic classrooms, interactive multimedia instruction, Internet technology, distance learning, and virtual reality.

Ø Update, repair, and modify code and routines of existing software programs.

Ø Prepare sample data to test all parts of a program; conduct trial runs and test software programs to ensure instructions are correct and will produce the desired information.

Ø Debug or eliminate errors from the software by making appropriate changes when errors occur, and then recheck the program.

Ø Prepare instructions for the computer operator who will run the software program.

Ø Prepare a user’s manual for software programs.

Ø Access or generate a wide variety of software programs, e.g., instructions involved in updating financial records, instructions to duplicate conditions onboard a military training simulator.

Ø Design a database system that maintains assigned training system operational and currency status. Write software programs or operating systems using programming and object-oriented languages, as well as computer networking, data base management, and artificial intelligence. Once the design is developed, prepare charts and diagrams that describe the proposed system in terms that other users can understand.

Ø Prepare specifications, work diagrams, and structure charts.

Ø Connect computers through “networking,” i.e., local area networks, wide area networks, multi-user systems, electronic mail, modems, laptops, and the Internet.

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