Air Crew Instructional Support Positions – Hurlburt AFB

Hurlburt Field, FL

Job Summary:

Customer-focused, aircrew and non-aircrew Academic, Simulator, Flight Line, Inflight Instruction, Observation Flights, aid and assistance to students, reporting, evaluating, grading, mission planning, mission pre-briefs, sortie execution and debrief, post-mission documentation, remedial instruction, supplemental instruction, etc. as required by the published schedule, Syllabus, Instructor Guides, and O&M Manuals.


  • Provide instruction, in accordance with applicable DoD, USSOCOM, and Air Force instructions to meet USAF proficiency and qualification standards on Air Force- administered written examinations and flight evaluations for preparatory courses, initial qualification (basic, instrument, mission), transition (conversion, requalification), upgrade qualification (instructor, aircraft commander, special mission, evaluator, dual qualification of sensor operators), and key staff, continuation, refresher course, etc training as required to meet the On-Time Graduation and annual student.
  • Ensure syllabus tasks are 100% complete within the time specified for the lesson
  • Provide Scenario Development (simulator and flight)
  • Ensure completion of Aircrew Graduate Evaluation Program (AGEP) IAW AFIs and training syllabi
  • Use air traffic control services and radio calls during instruction that are IAW the most current edition of Federal Aviation Administration Order 7110.65, or applicable International Civil Aviation Organization manuals and circulars for OCONUS site
  • Support instruction of the AFSOC Instrument Refresher Course (IRC) with qualified IRC instructors. Numbers of instructors required may vary annually. The Government will authorize and fund TDY for candidates to the Advanced Instrument School
  • Support instruction of the Crew Resource Management Course (CRM) with qualified CRM instructors. Numbers of instructors required will vary from year to year


Instructor Pilot: AC-130U (Hurlburt), MC-130H (Hurlburt), U-28 (Hurlburt), AC-130W (Cannon), Remote Piloted Aircraft (Cannon)

Instructor Navigator: AC-130U (Hurlburt), MC-130H (Hurlburt)

Instructor Fire Control Officer: AC-130U (Hurlburt)

Instructor Electronic Warfare Officer: AC-130U (Hurlburt), MC-130H (Hurlburt)

Instructor Sensor Operator: AC-130U (Hurlburt), Remote Piloted Aircraft (Cannon)

Instructor Combat Systems Officer: U-28 (Hurlburt), AC-130W (Cannon)

Instructor Flight Engineer: AC-130U (Hurlburt), MC-130H (Hurlburt), AC-130W (Cannon)

MDS/Training Integrators: AC-130U (Hurlburt), MC-130H (Hurlburt), U-28 (Hurlburt)

Instructor Aerial Gunner: AC-130U (Hurlburt), AC-130W (Cannon)

Instructor Loadmaster: MC-130H (Hurlburt)

Instructor Radio Operator: Remote Piloted Aircraft (Cannon)

Training Integrators: Remote Piloted Aircraft (Cannon)


Minimum of an active Secret Clearance is required for these positions

The ASTA Group, LLC – 223 W. Gregory St, Pensacola, FL 32502

The ASTA Group, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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