Construction Mechanic Instructor for SeaBees

Port Hueneme, CA

This position shall provide support for the Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering (CSFE) and the Naval Construction Training Center (NCTC) located at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), Port Hueneme, CA.

This position will conduct classroom lectures and field instruction designed to impart technical knowledge in the principles of job planning, project site layout, estimating and material take off, resource leveling and techniques of construction management. Instructors shall also develop skills for various types of carpentry/masonry applications utilizing various hand/power tools and construction materials.


Present material in accordance with approved lesson plans and course control documents. Make adjustments in presentation, inject personal experiences as examples or other instructional methods to stimulate class participation, motivate the students and encourage instructor-student interaction. Provide remedial instruction as required.

  • Provide proper guidance to safely manipulate position or transport heavy material, tools or equipment. Enforce the use of required safety equipment and demonstrate the proper procedures to safely operate tools and equipment.
  • Ensure classroom is available and that all audio visual equipment is functioning properly. Ensure appropriate training aids are readily available and an adequate amount of classroom supplies are always on hand.
  • Incorporate training aids such as models, mock-ups and cut-ways to enhance training outcome. Frequently introduce innovative and new approaches to established classroom techniques.
  • Field instructors should incorporate an awareness of potential dangers from equipment and field hazards, as well as what actions to take in the event of injury or other emergency.

Monitor and evaluate student progress in all classes taught, ensuring that students’ level of competence is comparable to an apprentice carpenter and mason.

  • Prepare and administer formal and informal tests or quizzes as part of curriculum. Review tests and quizzes for accuracy, appropriateness of material coverage and student understanding of the material. Ensure field/lab performance tests adhere to corresponding grading sheets.
  • Observe student classroom/field/lab activities and participation. Maintain classroom decorum by responding immediately to any instance of distraction or disturbance. Report all student absences and tardiness.
  • Counsel students in the areas of performance, deportment, attitude, and participation. Upon completion of counseling, complete appropriate documentation with recommendations and submit to COR.
  • If prescribed course material fails to meet the lesson objectives, make recommendations for modifications.

Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of courses and material covering a wide variety of topics in the designated curriculum.

  • Monitor and evaluate training effectiveness throughout course of instruction.
  • At the end of the course, complete an overall analysis of its effectiveness and make substantive recommendations for changes to the curriculum.
  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of courses taught and material used.

Update lesson plans and field/lab performance grading sheets for broad courses in designated construction and mechanical skills curriculum equivalent to basic undergraduate or secondary level education.

  • Prepare daily lesson plans for assigned course while working within prescribed course framework. Ensure lesson plans employ the full range of instructional techniques and tactics. Determine the best method to convey course material to students using a combination of conventional teaching methods, (e.g., present the subject matter orally, field/lab demonstrations or practical exercises on equipment).
  • As course material is updated, revise lesson plans to include new material. Assess impact of new material and coordinate with other related courses of instruction.
  • Follow daily lesson plans, deviating to reach and motivate students of diverse ages, backgrounds and levels of interest, or to accommodate other unavoidable circumstances. Adjust class or field sessions to accommodate unscheduled delays and minimize disruption to established course schedules.

Administer examinations, retest, and coordinate supporting information. Order career development courses and examinations, coordinate enrollment status changes, and schedule testing with training manager and supervisors.

  • Design, assemble, and administer on-site examinations for resident courses. Assemble test items into a test instrument for administration to students. Administer and proctor the examination to include providing instruction to students, monitoring for any dishonest or arbitrary behavior and controlling test security, collecting completed student examinations and other scratch paper or notes written on during the test.
  • Score and analyze student examinations. Machine score multiple response examinations, coordinate directorate scoring of discussion questions, and assemble total examination scores for many uses. Report examination pass/fail scores, as well as specific lessons requiring remediation for each student failure. Maintain academic examination records for all students. Assemble academic performance information for student review boards or other uses.
  • Maintain test data bank of tests issued. Evaluate test issued in terms of relationship to course material, reliability, validity, and difficulty. Provide data summary of findings and conclusions. Assist in writing reports and provide input for operating instructions based on instructional changes or initiatives as directly related to testing procedures.

Use computer programs to facilitate training, specifically the Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource System (CETARS). Track training courses, track initial certification/recertification training programs, maintaining information, and researching various specialty/technical training courses from outside sources.

  • Use graphics and spreadsheets to tally and assimilate data into reports for presentation to management in planning new and revised training/educational programs.
  • Input validated training requirements and related information in the computer to produce program documents. Ensure staff personnel are conducting ongoing data base integrity audits, and review procedures of users to ensure data base is not being compromised.

Instructor Qualifications:

Certification as a SNEC 9502 Instructor or equivalent

Capability to perform the specific tasks as described herein. Instructors must demonstrate experience and knowledge of various carpentry/masonry practices, methods, procedures and terminology including roofing, concrete forming/reinforcing, light frame construction, painting, mixing/placing/finishing concrete, finish carpentry, masonry unit construction, plastering/stucco, ceramic tile setting and heavy timber constructors.

Experience and knowledge of construction management principles including planning/estimating, material takeoff, resource leveling, project site layout, and techniques of foremanship. Experience and knowledge of training techniques (i. e., ability to convey course material using conventional teaching methods).

Experience, knowledge and ability to operate visual information equipment (LCD projectors, Smart Boards, document cameras, etc.) to deliver course curriculum.

Experience, knowledge and ability to operate computers and other automated systems to grade exams, prepare reports and extract data.

Additional Requirements:

Provides apprentice construction mechanic instruction in the diagnoses and troubleshooting of

construction equipment failures. Must possess experience in repairs and maintenance of diesel

and gasoline engines; experience adjusting and repairing ignition, fuel, electrical, hydraulic and

steering; repairing chassis, frames and bodies; experience working with hoisting and jacking

equipment, power tools, measuring instruments, gauges and meters.

  • General Experience: Desired experience equivalent to that of five (5) years teaching in the disciplines of General Construction, Construction Mechanic and Steelworker.
  • Specialized Experience: Desired experience equivalent to that of five (5) years teaching at a Military Training Center, specifically construction related courses.

Security Requirements:

Will be subject to a National Agency Check and Inquiries (NACI). This is the minimum level of investigation required of contractor employees as a condition to access to Federal facilities and information systems. It is essentially a check of law enforcement records, and written inquiries to schools, police departments, and other references to verify an employee’s status. The required background investigations, in turn, require a fingerprint check of each individual by U.S. Government.

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