Training Development

Innovative Approach to Training Design and Development

We use an integrated development process that begins with your training needs

ASTA commits to advancing the use of training technologies to effectively serve our customers and to further advance their mission. We approach each client individually. Then, we offer solutions unique to their instructional and educational needs. With this in mind, we achieve these goals based on an analysis of the education or training requirements, the evaluation of available instructional approaches and technologies, and the application of these technologies to maximize learning and enhance retention.

  • Education or training requirements
  • Evaluation of available instructional approaches and technologies
  • Application of technologies to maximize learning and enhance retention

The ASTA Group utilizes a team of the best and brightest Instructional Designers, Engineers, Programmers, and Visual Media Developers, in order to design and develop rich educational and instructional content. 

Instructional Designers



Visual Media Developers

ASTA’s core competencies in training and education include training requirements analyses, design and development, and technology applications for training and education. Our core competencies also include development of interactive courseware, training system plans, and implementation plans for technology-based learning and training.

Training Requirement Analyses

Design and Development

Technology Applications for Training and Education

Development of Interactive Courseware

Training System Plans

Implementation Plans for Technology-Based Learning and Training

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