On-Site Infrastructure Support

Strengthening Programs through On-Site Support

ATSA supports our customers by providing qualified, talented, and creative personnel to work collaboratively on-site for daily support. We provide assistance in the fields of business analysis; financial analysis; engineering support; IT/networking support; as well as training analysis, design, and development support. Our customers value the collaboration and side-by-side working relationship that augments and supports their mission requirements. ASTA works on-site at a variety of locations such as support offices, command headquarters, and operational environments.  For example, we support mission and work objectives in schoolhouses across the country, and in major operational and command headquarters. In addition, we also support our commercial customers on-site at our partner company locations for joint projects and opportunities..

We have supported upwards of 6,000 students from the work of our on-site teachers and staff.

Our Specialties

ASTA provides highly qualified instructors, instructional designers, developers, and analysts to a variety of government customers.  Our personnel work on-site and side-by-side with our government team to design, develop, teach, and evaluate courses in a number of subjects. For instance, we have supported leadership training for special operators, cultural awareness training for special operations personnel, and language courses for the intelligence community and in the areas of cybersecurity, to name a few.  We also support educational initiatives providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum and instruction to at-risk K-12 students through a national educational program. Our personnel remain current through ongoing training for content currency, as well as opportunities to learn more about emerging instructional approaches.

Past Performance

ASTA provides on-site support to a variety of customers across the Department of Defense. Our experience also includes our direct assistance of commercial clients who then support very large Government contracts. This support is general to very large defense contractors in the areas of training management, and training design and development.  In each of these programs, we work alongside our partners – government and industry – to provide high energy, high quality, experienced personnel to complement their mission. Read more about specific instances of ASTA’s past performance in this field.

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