Training and Development

Better Performance Through Training and Development

ASTA personnel have over 235 years of collective experience in the analysis, design, development and evaluation of training systems, and training and educational programs.  Our experience spans all components of the Department of Defense, as well as other Government Agencies such as National Science Foundation, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Additionally, we support commercial training programs across a number of customers for new equipment training, leadership training, decision-making and teams training, as well as training in a number of technical areas. 

We have established standardized processes and procedures for the analysis, design and development of training and educational content which streamline our projects, save time and money for our clients and customers, and provide outstanding and meaningful learning experiences for our students.

We have designed and developed over 200 hours of training and educational courses for classroom instruction and on-line learning.

Our Specialties

In our history, ASTA has designed and developed hundreds of hours of curriculum, training and education courses, and programs of instruction.  This has included interactive classroom-based instruction, as well as online, distance and distributed learning.  In addition, we have designed and developed instructional games, virtual environments, and immersive training experiences using simulation.  Courses we have developed include curriculum for K-12 students, and for adult learning in cybersecurity, intelligence, and military operations across land, sea and air.

A critical and often overlooked aspect of training is the evaluation of training effectiveness.  In this area, ASTA applies current research on human performance and learning to benchmark the effectiveness of systems and the performance of individuals completing the training and educational courses.  We have designed systems of evaluation that include both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods.  We have conducted studies and analyzed the effectiveness of individuals and groups involved in training, as well as the effectiveness of the curriculum, technology, and instructional methods used in the conduct of training. 

ASTA’s staff is highly educated, with all staff holding at least a bachelor’s degree, though most hold master’s or doctorate in their areas of specialty.  Writing is a valued and expected capability of our personnel, and we are all involved in writing across content and technical areas.  Our technical writing also includes the publication of research reports, analysis reports, and the publication of articles at various conferences and technical journals.

ASTA provides leadership and support across the instructional system design (ISD) process.  We work across all military branches and other Government agencies, individualizing our approach to meet unique customer requirements.  For example, the Navy has unique tools used during the training analysis, design and development process.  Our staff use these tools on a daily basis, to include the AIM/LOM and CPM tools for design and development.

Past Performance

ASTA has developed hundreds of hours of curriculum, training courses, and simulation technologies.  These courses support many career fields on both the Government and industry sides of training and education. Read more about specific instances of ASTA’s past performance in this field.

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