Our Mission

The ASTA Group, LLC (ASTA) works to promote the most highly educated and trained population in our history as a catalyst for change.

ASTA will design and deliver innovative, focused education and training programs to teams around the world to assist them in attaining their personal and professional goals.

The ASTA Group, LLC

The ASTA Group, LLC (ASTA) is a woman-owned small business that promotes organizational success through analysis; contemporary, targeted training and education programs; and on-site support.

Analysis & Studies

ASTA conducts systematic research-based studies in order to identify education and training gaps, as well as areas for improvement. We then benchmark best practice for similar requirements. Finally, ASTA strategically plans for change in the organization based on the outcome of the analysis.

Training & Development

ASTA designs and develops innovative outcome-based learning content for our clients from Department of Defense, other government agencies, and the commercial sector. With this array of diverse clients in mind, our education and training programs are specifically targeted to each organization’s unique requirements, with a focus on performance improvement and outcomes.

On-Site Support

ASTA provides on-site infrastructure support that supplements our training analysis and course development work at our customers' locations. We support the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, Special Operations, and Intelligence communities with education and training content specific to their requirements.

Working With The ASTA Group

The ASTA Group offers personalized contact to bring our wealth of experience to each project.

The ASTA Group uses four contract vehicles for simplified acquisition for our industry and government partners. Through these contracts and memberships, there are multiple points of contact to suit your specific needs. We hold the following memberships and contracts:


The ASTA Group is constantly growing and seeking new avenues to grow our business. We are proud of our past accomplishments, excited about our present projects, and prepared for future opportunities to provide quality analyses, course design, and on-site support to our clients. As a result, we are delighted to share our experiences with you.

Have a question about our capabilities or potential business opportunities? Feel free to contact us!