Our Mission

Provide systematic, focused, and comprehensive client-centered solutions that are cost-effective and achieve desired results in Business Development, Training Analysis, Growth Studies, and Training Development

The ASTA Group (ASTA) will help your organization leverage its unique capabilities and achieve your performance objectives

The ASTA Group, LLC

The ASTA Group, LLC (ASTA) is a woman-owned small business that is focused on helping clients reach their organizational goals

Business Development

ASTA will help your business target new markets and identify high-value, low-risk opportunities. Our team is made of results oriented senior strategic planners and business development specialists. We will work with you to define, design, and implement transformational initiatives to grow your business.

Analysis & Studies

The ASTA Group engages clients to create information, insight, options, and solutions. We achieve this through high-quality, objective, and data-driven methods to improve program outcomes. We apply our study and analysis approaches across broad arrays of government and business. Our tailored technical approaches will help you solve your program goals.

Training Development

Our training development will help your organization determine training requirements, then design, develop, and implement efficacious training solutions, whether delivered locally or remotely.

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