Bringing STEM to Today's Youth

Mission Statement: By exposing youth to the technological environments and positive role models found on military bases and installations, we will provide 25 hours of exemplary instruction, using a common core curriculum that meets or exceeds the National Standards. We will nurture a winning network of collaborators and build mutual loyalty. 

Vision: Provide an outstanding, unforgettable Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational experience for students and teachers in a hands-on, hi-tech, discovery/ inquiry-based environment on a military installation.

ASTA proudly supports STARBASE Academy. ASTA personnel and staff support both STARBASE Patrick and STARBASE Hanscom.

What is STARBASE Academy?

STARBASE Academy is a Department of Defense sponsored Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Youth Program. Both STARBASE Patrick and STARBASE Hanscom are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards for STEM education, and we offer hands-on, minds-on real-world problem-solving lessons. Our program focuses on Title One 5th grade students that are often underrepresented or underserved in traditional school settings and provides opportunities for personal growth and awareness. Our goal is to provide an outstanding, unforgettable experience for students and teachers in an inquiry-based environment.  Students are exposed to professionals in the military and given the opportunity to learn from experts in STEM fields.

Our program is at no cost to participants, and STARBASE provides all supplies and materials. Our 25-hour program is filled with exciting scenarios, which are sure to ignite the scientist in all of us!