Past Performance

Examples of Past Performance

ASTA’s past performance spans the life of our company founded in 2007.  In that time, we have conducted research studies, performance analyses, best practices analyses, cost benefit analyses, and total training system analyses. In doing these, we have followed the detailed instructional system development (ISD) process and other government processes similarly based off of it. Additionally, we have also designed and developed hundreds of hours of training and educational content, instruction, materials, online learning, and virtual reality experiences.  We have supported organizations to achieve their goals and objectives through on-site support, and assisted their initiatives through studies and analysis, training and education materials, new courses, and curriculum.  A majority of our personnel include retired military.  Also, 96% of our personnel are degreed, many of whom hold advanced degrees.  As individuals together, we bring hundreds of years experience with the Department of Defense, other Government agencies, and industry. 

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Experience in Analysis and Studies

Training for the Federal Aviation Administration

We completed an analysis for the FAA on international training and the identification of gaps in training that current U.S. training efforts can fulfill.

Study on Optimization of Training for USAF

In an effort to optimize the U.S. Air Force’s training system across all special operations weapons platforms, we conducted a large-scale study to identify areas of improvement.

Analysis for Navy Career Paths

We executed a large-scale analysis for the U.S. Navy to transform several entire career paths. We then adjusted training throughout the career cycle to support on-demand and “just in time” training requirements. 

Strategies and Technology for Virtual Learning

ASTA has used strategies and technologies to support the appropriate conversion of in-class training to online training, virtual training, and mixed reality experiences. 

Analysis of Unmanned Systems Across Services

In recent years, we have orchestrated an in-depth analysis of unmanned systems training across all of the Services. This effort has maximized common training elements and upgraded the training for aircraft and Service-specific mission requirements. 

Studies for Integrating Cyberlearning into K-12

After coordinating with leading research and teaching universities across the country, we completed a national study of effective and sustainable ways to integrate cyberlearning into K-12 education across the country. 

Study on Air Defense Training in the US Army

In preparation for the next generation air defense system, we undertook a large-scale study on training transformation for air defense leadership in the US Army. 

Experience in Training and Development

Safe Driving Courses for Commercial Transportation

In support of a major commercial transportation company, we designed and developed multiple online courses to bolster safe driving principles for their drivers.

Course Development for Navy Career Training

ASTA designed and developed courses to support multiple career fields for the U.S. Navy. These areas include cybersecurity, public works, construction management, chaplaincy, and undersea explosive ordnance disposal, among others.

Redesign and Development of Leadership Courses

We conducted an extensive redesign and the development of courses to support university-level and leadership courses for the U.S. Air Forces in content areas including leadership, nation-building, cultural awareness and sensitivity, language and communication, and history.

Aircraft Systems Design and Development

More recently, we have focused on aircraft systems design and development through transformed courses for several weapons platforms. We have developed systems for aircraft that include the CH-53, the C-130J, and basic aviation training systems.

Re-design of Courses with Intelligence Agencies

In support of multiple intelligence agencies, ASTA facilitated the re-design and transformation of courses in the areas of intelligence and cybersecurity.

Experience in On-Site Support

Design and Instructor Support at AFSOC

ASTA supplied on-site support at the headquarters offices for the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. We provided instruction design and instructor support for Command-Wide courses, both CONUS and OCONUS.

Instructors and Instructional Designers at Hurlburt

At the Special Operations School at Hurlburt Field, we employed on-site instructors, instructional designers and developers.

Training Specialists at the Cybersecurity Schoolhouse

Our training specialists worked side by side with our Government partners at the U.S. Air Force Cybersecurity Schoolhouse.

Teachers and Aides at Patrick AFB

ASTA employs teachers and classroom aides who are working on-site in Space Command at Patrick Air Force Base providing educational opportunities for K-12 students as part of an outreach program.

Training Support at Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy

We provided on-site support for training analysis, design and development at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy.

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