STARBASE Patrick Expands


STARBASE Patrick just finished the renovation of the back section of their building. STARBASE Patrick now offers four classrooms, a new office space for the future 2.0 Coordinator, staff bathrooms, a supply and storage area, and a newly remodeled kitchen, making it the second-largest STARBASE out of the 86 and the largest STARBASE that is affiliated with a Space Force Base (there are 3 total). STARBASE Patrick will host 500 students per week inside the facility, with several additional students being exposed through the 2.0 program. 

With the renovation came many new exciting features. First, the facility itself was painted, featuring space murals. View the slideshow with these below this post. The new Command Center is equipped to use virtual reality headsets and will include coding drones and EV3 robots. The interactive Mars room has a 30 X 20 Giant Mars Map, donated by the Aldrin Family Foundation, that will be used to educate students about previous Mars missions and excite them about future space travel. Not only can students learn about rockets, they get to launch their own and see the launches as they fly over the STARBASE facility. The entire expansion is centered around the Space Coast in recognition of the expanding space program along Florida’s Cape Canaveral at Patrick Space Force Base. 

But the facility expansion isn’t the only expansion happening as STARBASE Patrick has been approved for a 2.0 Advanced STEM Program. The 2.0 program is for middle school students, preferably those that have shown an interest in STEM careers. The 2.0 Coordinator and STARBASE Director will work with local schools, organizations, and clubs to increase the number of STEM opportunities in the community. They are also working with the Aldrin Family Foundation to expand this program to more schools, bring more space science into the science curriculum, and provide opportunities for students to intern and have adult mentors that can assist in the student pursuing a career in STEM. The 2.0 program is conducted after school in conjunction with local teachers and is offered at no cost to participants.

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