STARBASE Patrick Featured in STARBASE Circuit Newsletter

ASTA is a huge supporter of STEM. STEM is so important to today and tomorrow’s future. STARBASE Patrick is doing exciting  work, using innovative teaching strategies, captivating activities, and engaging with experts. STARBASE Patrick was featured in the STARBASE newsletter Circuit in April 2023 for their work with rocketry activities in the classroom and how it blended with STEM career instruction.

Captain Tiffany Crick, US Space Force Flight Mission Lead from the 5th Space Launch Squandron came in to STARBASE Patrick to help teach a rocketry lesson as a part of the Space Force’s STEMtoSpace campaign. She also spoke with students about STEM education, her role in the US Space Force, and how she supports the rocket launch process at Cape Canaveral. Needless to say, it was an exciting day for students! Captain Crick also discussed with students how she uses STEM concepts  on the job regularly, showing the relevance of what they learning. 

Read the full article below: 

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