EPASS Contract with Air University

EPASS Contract

The ASTA Group, LLC has won an Educational Professional and Support Services (EPASS) Research Services contract with United States Air Force, Air University. We will be supporting educational research associated with laboratory supplies, research services, and daily research support. We will be assisting with performing research and writing scholarly works that analyze and develop concepts, policy, and strategy on topics of:

  • Direction on the technological future of USAF
  • Evolving and emerging warfighting methods to improve the relevance and fidelity of wargames
  • Air, space, and cyberspace power, education, and leadership
  • Airmen competencies in tactics, operations, and strategies.
  • Cultural, regional, and language negotiations and conflict management
  • The sociology and communication in decision support and critical thinking
  • Countermeasures for terrorism, chemical and biological weapons, and arms control
  • Systems Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Cyber
  • Electronica Warfare
  • Conventional Deterrence
  • Operational Sciences
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Directed Energy
  • Advanced Navigation Technology (ANT)

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