STARBASE on Wheels

Houston… The STARBASE Teachers in Brevard County are mobile! Due to COVID-19 restrictions across the county, the teachers and administrators at STARBASE Patrick have created a fun, safe way to bring the same engaging STEM content to schools. STARBASE on Wheels brings qualified teachers and staff, iPads, robots, circuits, rocket launchers, and computer-aided design opportunities directly into the classroom for free. Students remain in their classroom with the same teacher and assistant, and the learning comes to them.

STARBASE Academy is a Department of Defense sponsored program that provides hands-on, minds-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs for K-6th grade students throughout Brevard County.  Our mission is to raise the interest in learning and improving the knowledge and skills of our nation’s at-risk youth so that we may develop a highly educated and skilled American workforce who can meet the advanced technological requirements of the Department of Defense.  Our curriculum is aligned to Florida State Standards in science, technology, engineering and mathematics targeting 5th grade students.

If you are a teacher and would be interested in pursuing this opportunity, we have extremely flexible times and offerings. Please contact us at (321)610-1502 or for more information!

Students engaging with learning elearning
Students working with robotics STEM
students working with robotics
students engaging with technology learning
STEM experiment for student learning