ASTA is Presenting a Paper at I/ITSEC

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"Alternative Front End Analysis for Automated Complex Systems"

Dr. Linda Brent, CEO of The ASTA Group, LLC, will present the paper “Alternative Front End Analysis for Automated Complex Systems”. The presentation will be during I/ITSEC at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 02 December, in Room S320A.  This paper’s development was during an Army Research Institute TRAIN II project.

Abstract: A growing body of literature reports that task-based analyses alone are not sufficient for determining training requirements for highly automated, complex systems that rely upon multilevel command and control integration. This has spurred concerns among Army leaders that the traditional Systems Approach to Training (SAT) Front End Analysis (FEA) strategy may not sufficiently identify training requirements for some emerging systems. It provided impetus for our research effort to develop an alternative FEA strategy better suited for these types of systems.

First, our effort focused on the research and design of potential alternative FEA strategies. Second, we provided a use case application of an alternative FEA to existing air and missile defense system training. This validates and refines the strategy. Finally, during the third phase of our effort, we applied the alternative FEA to an emerging integrated air and missile defense architecture. The refined alternative FEA strategy supplements traditional SAT analyses with team-based and expertise-based analyses. In essence, it functioned to successfully identify requirements beyond those found through traditional SAT methods alone.